Friday, June 7, 2013

I know this is late in the process, but I was looking at some old photos of the '67 Coupe that were taken about 3 years ago. This is right after I got it delivered to our house by my buddy. He was storing it for me at his place after we relocated from Florida. He was passing through where we live now and was nice enough to trailer it up with him from Florida. Anyhow, here are some before shots of how it looked before I started to tear it apart. Now I have had this car since around 1989, and it was all gray primer when I originally got it. I had it painted once and this is how it looks after many years setting outside in the Florida elements.

      Below picture, the Door to quarter seam is tight due to the rusted out/sagging A Pillar (Door Post)

                                                            Image Below>>>
                                 Car showed up with Both Front fenders damaged.
My Buddy had to stop short on I-75 on his way up from Florida, because some JackWagon changed lanes in front of him in a construction zone. Well, the tie down straps broke and the car lunged forward onto the tongue of the trailer. Not liking this next part, it makes me Cringe every time I think about it. The road construction crew offered to help get it back on the trailer. So how do they accomplish that you say???? They looped a snatch strap under the front of the car in front of the wheels and picked up the front with a big Front end Loader to roll it back in place. Well, the way they did it the fenders got pushed in when they put tension on the strap and BAM,,,,, Buckled fenders.
                                                 *****INSERT ANGRY FACE HERE*****
 I guess it could have been much worse, right? Oh well, guess that just means more body work for me to do. Yay..... :>(

                                               Rusted through the quarter and filler panel.
     This car was an S Code Big Block with a Toploader 4 speed originally, so the '70 302 that's in it now will be replaced by an original 390 FE big block in the future, along with the correct 4 Speed.
                                        Below, the Rusted Door post and kick panel. 

And there you have it.....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finally more progress.

Well, after a long break of not working on the '67 Coupe over the winter, I am back at it. This time, I finally got somewhere :-)

While taking a much needed week off of work, I was able to finally get this A Pillar put back in along with the Cowl Side panel (aka. kick panel). I still have a bunch of grinding to do, in order to clean up all the welds, but atleast it's welded in now. Only a few plug welds remain to be done where the cowl side panel meets the back of the A Pillar on the inside where the door closes. No pics of this, but my blog followers will know what I am referring to.

              Think I had the wire feed speed up a bit high, as there is more material in the welds
              than there should be. Nothing an hour or so of grinding won't cure....Yuck :-(
                                                        Windshield post welded on.

Still need to weld in the top outer section that I had to remove to get at some rust on the inside of the winshield post. This will have to wait as it's soaking in Evapo Rust to remove the excess surface rust.

I was shocked at how well the door lines up now that I have a solid A Pillar in place. The door gap is near perfect :-) Not bad for a Novice, Huh?

And now I have to give thanks to my Wonderful Wife for my early Anniversary gifts to help with the process.
A Welding table from Northern Tool and a Weld and Sealant assembly manual from CJ Pony Parts.

She's the best. Even though I had the work week off, she still gave me a few hours in the garage this morning to finish welding the pillar to the cowl side panel.

Thanks Dear :-)

Hopefully I will be able to get back to working on this regularly over the next few months.
We will see how it goes.

Till next time,
           See Ya...........

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I spent my lunch break today :>)

Stopped by a shop today that belongs to a coworkers husband. Check out the pics... they will speak for themselves !!!

                                             1984 Ferrari 512 Flat 12 Cylinder in for service

Another Ferrari, but not sure what model.

Aston Martin

Red Porsche Carrera 4 from Dubai


Ferrari F430 489 HP Paddle shift :>)

Me after a ride in the F430. All I can say is WOW..... I now have a Perma Grin on my face. 
That's one fast car and it stops on a dime with the Carbon Brakes. 

Rocker patch complete :-)

Here are some pics from the work I did on the rocker patch this Sunday.

Pin holes welded up and smoothed out and skim coated with Metal 2 Metal filler over the weld seams.
After a coat of Zinc primer.
This will be primer will be scuffed and receive a coat of epoxy primer prior to welding the A Pillar back in.

Still have to close up some of the spot weld holes and patch some pin holes in the two sections of the pillar before I weld them back together. Then I can weld the whole section back to the rocker and then to the inner windshield post (black section) that you see behind the outer Red section in the picture.

That's all for this past weekend. Hoping to get some more work done on this over the upcoming weekend.

Till next time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rocker Patch completed..!!!

Well, I was able to swap my empty Shielding gas tank for a full one at the local Tractor Supply on Saturday.

After the new tank was hooked up, I was able to finish up filling the pin holes in the weld seam of the Rocker Panel patch and got it coated with with phosphoric acid to treat the bare steel before I prime it. I will let this sit overnight and shoot the primer tomorrow.

Can you tell where the seam is...????? I can't :>)

And to top it off, My Wonderful Wife got me a Welding Jacket this morning from Northern Tool for my Birthday tomorrow. She was worried about me getting burnt again like like last weeks welding episode. I had a Welder's tan on my left arm and lower left leg from wearing shorts and a t-shirt while welding. It's like a sunburn from the light the the welder puts out. It sure hurt like a sunburn to..... OUCH!!!!
Anyway, here it is....

That's all for this week...

See ya next time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Progress continues....

Welding, grinding and more welding...... Then it came to a Grinding Halt,,,,, No Pun Intended :~)

Here are the results so far for this weekend's progress.

 Before Welding :

After :

Need to fill in some of the pin holes, but I ran out of shielding gas, so I had to stop for the day.
I will pick back up on this next weekend after I get the welding tank refilled this week sometime.

Here, the A Piller panel is clamped in place for a test fit to make sure everything lines up in preparation for welding next week after I get the tank refilled.

The Saga continues........!!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Weeks Progress on the '67 Coupe.

Here's the progress on the rocker panel from the last two weeks. Remember this badly pitted section of the rocker?

Before :

During :
A heavy coat of Zinc Primer to prep for welding.

Here's the patch panel that I will weld in place of the rust pitted section that I cut out. This will have to wait till next weekend, It's just too hot in the garage to work all day on it. But hey, once a week is more than nothing, right?

I was able to get the patch welded in on the upper windshield frame last week, but just now getting the pics uploaded to the Blog. I know... Slacker, Right :>/

Here is the patch panel that will replace the original Door Post that was rotted out.
                                                            Inside after Epoxy primer:

 It will attach to the top of the rocker panel patch after it is welded in. Then I can replace the outer section of the windshield post with the remaining section from the donor car.