Friday, June 7, 2013

I know this is late in the process, but I was looking at some old photos of the '67 Coupe that were taken about 3 years ago. This is right after I got it delivered to our house by my buddy. He was storing it for me at his place after we relocated from Florida. He was passing through where we live now and was nice enough to trailer it up with him from Florida. Anyhow, here are some before shots of how it looked before I started to tear it apart. Now I have had this car since around 1989, and it was all gray primer when I originally got it. I had it painted once and this is how it looks after many years setting outside in the Florida elements.

      Below picture, the Door to quarter seam is tight due to the rusted out/sagging A Pillar (Door Post)

                                                            Image Below>>>
                                 Car showed up with Both Front fenders damaged.
My Buddy had to stop short on I-75 on his way up from Florida, because some JackWagon changed lanes in front of him in a construction zone. Well, the tie down straps broke and the car lunged forward onto the tongue of the trailer. Not liking this next part, it makes me Cringe every time I think about it. The road construction crew offered to help get it back on the trailer. So how do they accomplish that you say???? They looped a snatch strap under the front of the car in front of the wheels and picked up the front with a big Front end Loader to roll it back in place. Well, the way they did it the fenders got pushed in when they put tension on the strap and BAM,,,,, Buckled fenders.
                                                 *****INSERT ANGRY FACE HERE*****
 I guess it could have been much worse, right? Oh well, guess that just means more body work for me to do. Yay..... :>(

                                               Rusted through the quarter and filler panel.
     This car was an S Code Big Block with a Toploader 4 speed originally, so the '70 302 that's in it now will be replaced by an original 390 FE big block in the future, along with the correct 4 Speed.
                                        Below, the Rusted Door post and kick panel. 

And there you have it.....

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